“We’ve got all the time in the world.”

Server Time

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The server time is shown in your local time zone. We also provide a more precise clock.

curby.net Servers

ntp1.curby.net - New Mexico, USA
ntp2.curby.net - Texas, USA

Regardless of your geographic location, you should probably use the standard server rotation provided by the NTP Pool Project.


The precision of curby.net time servers is generally 1-2 μs. Accuracy (offset) is generally within 1-2 μs for stratum 1 servers and 1 ms for stratum 2 servers.

In contrast, the live clock on this page is intended as an informal time of day service, and not for rigorous timing or clock synchronization. (more info)

The NTP Pool scorecard has recent performance data.

Want to Help?

Accurate timekeeping is critically important to the Internet, but it doesn’t receive much support.

If you’d like to help, you can donate to the Network Time Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports network timekeeping projects such as NTP.

System administrators can add their servers to the NTP Pool.



ntp2 started speaking NTP on IPv6 (around this time).
Added HTTPS support. Added redirects to time subdomain. Massaged stylesheets (alert box consistency, organization, color tweaks, etc.).
Fixed home page refresh bug. Added Resources section above. Made addressable section headers. Added more taglines, and taglines page. Updated normalize.css. Reworded a lot of text. (The ntp1 website has been offline now for some time.)
Redesigned site; added live clock and clock page.
Migrated ntp2 to new hardware and IP address. Added website to ntp2.
Added ntp2.curby.net to pool, served from Texas.
Added website to ntp1.
ntp1 cleared score threshold and joined pool rotation.
Added ntp1.curby.net to the NTP Pool, served from New Mexico.


Write to time@curby.net with any questions or concerns.